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DUI Less Safe – Alcohol – Dropped to Reckless Driving

Location, Branch: Chatham County Recorders Court

RESULT: In a case where the client was arrested for DUI Less Safe (alcohol) and speeding, Brad was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the DUI charge down to reckless driving. Brad was able to tell the client’s story and convinced the judge and prosecutor to allow him to proceed under the First Offenders Act, meaning that after completion of the probated sentence, the client would have no record of conviction. While this approach is not suited for everyone, Brad knew his client’s personal situation, and he knew that this would ultimately result in the best possible outcome for the client. The client was able to keep his security clearance, his driver’s license, and his clean record.

DUI and Drug Possession – Dropped to Reckless Driving

Location, Branch: Tybee Island Municipal Court

RESULT: In a case where the client was arrested for DUI Less Safe-Drugs, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and speeding, Brad was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the DUI charge, allowing the client to avoid loss of his driver’s license. This was due, in part, to Brad pointing out that the arresting officer had failed to conduct a proper field sobriety test, and that the results of the blood testing were unlikely to result in a showing of intoxication. He also convinced the prosecutor and judge to conditionally discharge the drug possession charge, meaning that after completion of the conditional discharge program, the client will not have a drug conviction. Ultimately, this resulted in the client walking away with only two misdemeanor traffic violations.

Illegal Hunting – Directed Verdict

Location, Branch: Evans County State Court
Case Type: Bench Trial

RESULT: In a case where the client was charged with illegally hunting big game without a license, Brad was successfully able to object to the admissibility of hearsay testimony. Given that this testimony formed the sole basis of the State’s case, Brad moved for a directed verdict (meaning that the State had failed to put on enough evidence to even proceed to a verdict). The judge granted Brad’s motion and immediately dismissed all of the charges.

Simple Battery/Family Violence – Pre-trial Diversion

Location, Branch: Liberty County State Court

RESULT: In a case where the client was arrested for simple batter/family violence for allegedly striking his family member, Brad was able to convince the prosecutor to allow the client to proceed with a pre-trial diversion program. After completing a class on anger management and paying court costs, the client’s charges were entirely DISMISSED. Brad was able to obtain this result by spending plenty of time with the client and his family in an effort to learn the true story. This enabled Brad to present ALL of the mitigating facts to the prosecutor. Now the client will be able to finish his Army career all the way to retirement.

Enlisted Separation Board – Retained for MEB Processing

Location, Branch: Fort Stewart
Case Type: Enlisted Separation Board

RESULT: In a case where the client was notified of separation from the Army for missing movement and disrespect, Brad was able to show how the command had negligently failed to care for the Soldier during his time in need. The board initially suspended the separation, and Brad was able to convince the separation authority to process the client through Medical Evaluation Board channels, rather than involuntary separation channels. Now, the client is medically retired.

General Court-Martial – No Dismissal

Location, Branch: Fort Stewart

RESULT: In a General Court-Martial in which the client pleaded guilty to adultery and violation of a lawful order, Brad was able to convince the military judge to not issue a dismissal as a part of the sentence. Brad told the entire story of the client’s commendable service, as well as his poor treatment by his command. Ultimately, the judge issued a sentence of time served with no dismissal, allowing the client to continue to serve in the Army.

Officer Board of Inquiry – Retained

Location, Branch: Fort Stewart
Case Type: Officer Board of Inquiry

RESULT: In a case where the client was arrested for DUI several years prior, and had received a permanently filed GOMOR, Brad was able to convince the board of inquiry to retain the officer client in the Army, allowing him to proceed towards retirement.


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“I had the pleasure of Mr. Dixon representing me and he did an amazing job and got the outcome we both desired. Mr. Dixon is an absolute professional and treated me and my family as we were a part of his own.”

– Jermaine C.

“Ivona and Brad were so helpful during our home closing process. They were easy to reach and their document portal was user friendly. Brad sat with me and explained every document I was signing- which was super helpful since my husband was deployed overseas during our home buying process. Thanks for the wonderful service!

– Anneliese E.

“Mr. Dixon and his staff are incredible and went above and beyond to help me with my divorce. They made a difficult time in my life feel easier. The staff are so friendly and truly want to help you to the best of their ability. I highly recommend them!

– Jasmine M.

“Mr. Dixon supported me during one of the most difficult times in my life.  His knowledge and professionalism assisted me in overcoming that challenge.  Mr. Dixon has become someone that I can trust with my personal challenges and entrust with family concerns.  Due to this, I can also call him a friend.  Thank you for all you have done!!”

– Former Client

“I had the pleasure of being represented by Mr. Dixon in a case that would have determined my future. He was very respectful and punctual. For a lawyer that had numerous clients he always remembered my name and made me feel like my case was his most important case. I recommend his services to anyone that is looking for a respectful lawyer that will treat you like family.”

– Former Client

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